About US

Paul ‘Tu-Lox’ Gaynor, a member of the globally recognized ‘Twin of Twins’, the Dancehall Duo with Paul and his twin brother Patrick Gaynor. The Twins have a reputation to this day, for using humour and intellect in a very direct way to highlight very serious issues. To date, they remain the most outspoken, prolific, original and unnatural forces to be reckoned with.

Paul has always been called a Rebel (pronounced “REB-uhl) and is known for speaking candidly and unreservedly on matters related to social injustices.

Paul Gaynor, CEO & Managing Director of Rebel 13 Collections, is a bona-fide Jamaican success story. He is often referred to as the ‘Ghetto Idol’ because of how he vocally represents the ‘have-nots’ of society. Unknown to many, he is a Jack of All Trades and Master of All and the Rebel 13 Brand is just one of the companies under the Rebel 13 Collections umbrella, established in 2005.

The Rebel 13 Brand is a fashionable clothing line that cleverly fuses Paul’s rebellious personality with his roots. Hailing from Kingston 13 and influenced by an incident where a Tailor embarrassed him when he could not afford to pay for his school uniform, Paul at the age of thirteen, vowed to make them himself and he did. He became so adept at fashion designing that he would begin to attract many high end clientele.
Paul’s personality comes alive through the Rebel 13 line where he expresses his trendy, down to earth, ‘tell it like it is’ personality through fashion and this is articulated in the graphic work and details of his work.

The Rebel 13 Brand caters to both children and adults and features contemporary trends for everyday wear.

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